Mattias Stolpe


Mattias Stolpe was born in Sweden and moved to Arizona in the mid 1980’s to pursue the wine business. After working in his family owned wine and specialty food distribution company; World Marketing West, Mattias looked to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor in the wine industry which led to the development of CMS Wine Marketing in 1994 with the principle purpose to act as a liaison between vintner, distributor and marketplace showcasing prestigious family owned wineries from California. Meanwhile, the creation of Madness and Cures wine was always in the background and itching for development. The first vintage of Madness and Cures was 2012 and released in 2014. As one of three partners, Mattias’ main focus is on the distribution of business across several states. In addition, his valuable input of final blending of the wine helps continue to manage the direction and future success of Madness and Cures.

Phone +1(602) 738-8888