The Vineyards

Alexander Valley
The region's rich, sedimentary soils and maritime climate produce grapes that yield wines of exceptional balance and flavor. The hard part is that it requires a thorough and methodical search to find these gems of vineyards, which are often tucked away in small valleys or perched on hillsides. Such a search takes the determination and stubbornness that some people attribute to madmen. Each grower selected shares in the team's passion and desire to create quality wines. This can be seen in the low yielding, meticulous farmed vineyards where the goal is a quality harvest not a voluminous one.
Dry Creek Valley
After seeing the grapes that Dry Creek Valley had to offer, the Madness and Cures team knew it would be the perfect fit for the 2019 Sanity Red. Dry Creek Valley has more than 100 years of wine growing history, with the area being comprised of many different elevations and soil types. This region's warm days, temperate afternoons and evening cool coastal breezes make it a coveted area for winemakers. The temperature variation of Dry Creek Valley allows the fruit to ripen quickly, but hang longer on the vine, allowing for maximum flavor development.
Carneros, Napa Valley
Located north of San Pablo Bay, Carneros is known for its cool fog and bay breezes, making the area cooler than other wine regions in Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. These conditions are ideal as they allow wineries to make the type of wines they want to make, without being inhibited from climate related concerns. The Madness and Cures team utilized these wonderful conditions by obtaining grapes from the slightly warmer areas of the Carneros region which resulted in adding earthy aromatics and a more rustic mouthfeel to the wine.